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The Making of Metagun

This is a wonderful timelapse video of a guy making a game in 48 hours.

The obvious choice of technology is Java. Great stuff!

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

… is a new movie from the notorious street artist Banksy. The trailer looks very interesting. Here it is:

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Jerry Rice on Success

There is a nice story about Jerry Rice, american football player, running in the Sunday, February 9, 2010 print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle’s. The story is about the secrets of success. [...]

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Time Blocking

This is an interesting video which discusses why you should avoid distractions while working in order to stay as much productive as possible.

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Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

What lessons can we learn from the crazy dancing guy?

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Augmented-reality Maps

Well, augmented-reality is pretty much one of the hot topics these days. Here is a video of Blaise Aguera y Arcas demoing the new feature that come in MS Bing Maps.

Although some of the feature look like a full copy of google maps, it nice to see that MS made the effort to go further to do more.

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Ed Catmull on “Keep Your Crises Small”

I stumbled upon the following video by browsing twitter. I find it interesting and quite enlightening.

Pixar is truly remarkable company and there is a lot one can learn from them.

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Was Huxley right?

I stumbled upon the following cartoon on twitter. I have read “1984” but not “Brave New World“. Will be visiting the local library soon.

Some interesting stuff!

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Working Hard is Overrated?

I often hear about success stories where the direct cause for the success is someone’s hard work and persistence. Although in my mind persistence is important, it seems that hard work is seriously overrated according to the founders of Flickr and a bunch of neuroscientists, as reported here and here. Now, this is an idea I fully support.

Here is what Caterina Fake has to say about working hard:

There are a few interesting things we can draw from Caterina’s experience. [...]

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How Derren Brown Predicted the Lottery Numbers

Last Wednesday (09/09/2009) Derren Brown predicted, or at least he made us to believe that he did, five numbers from the lottery draw aired on BBC. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, here is a video footage from the show.

How did he do it? I was eager to find out but since he promised to reveal the secret the following Friday, I retained myself from making any guesses until I see the show on TV first. [...]

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