…is what Twitter is. And it fits very well the egocentric nature of most security dudes (el hackerz), and therefore they are all on Twitter, twittering their way out of the rat race. The only problem I see with micro blogging platforms, such as Twitter, is that there is almost no value whatsoever from your contributions but a bunch of meaningless messages – a history of someone’s no so interesting life.

Don’t get me wrong. Twitter is a good social/communication tool. It works well to deliver small messages to the world. However, essentially Twitter is nothing more than a glorified version of an Instant Messaging client where everybody can see what you are saying. It is a personal branding tool – good for staying in touch with your peers in a very open fashion but bad for anything else.

This is the reason why I prefer blogs, wikis, etc. They are designed to build communities and build on the top of information which can later be reused and build upon. Information is important. It drives progression. Twitter creates noise. I guess this is the secret for its success.

Well, everything new will become old! And Twitter’s roots are as old as the Internet, perhaps even more. The idea will fade away with the time and after that it will raise again, repackaged in a shiny new box and given back to the masses.