Can we slow time? Not just yet! But time is also perception so for some it will go faster while for others it will always speed up. Therefore, mastering the perception of time is a life skill which unfortunately is not covered by our modern education systems. Although, it could prove to be very, very useful in life.

In the video footage above, produced by Michio Kaku (an extraordinarytheoretical physicist), we learn that time does slow down when brain speeds up. This reminds of this movie Crank, the guy on adrenalin. It also proves that humans are capable or thinking and perceiving faster then the usual rate. But this is kind of directly dependent on other functions in our body.

People say that we use 10% of our brains but we fail to note that all other human characteristics like walking, coordination, in general things that we take for granted, do require a lot of processing power. So although we can work faster, it is unfeasible to do so unless we compromise other areas of our body. It feels like constructing a character for one of these RPG games. You have 20 points and you have to spread them equally to various characteristics. If you put to much brain, that will effect your agility.