Mashable is running an interesting article today titled 6 Things World of Warcraft Can Teach You About Social Media Success. It is about the life lessons the author of the article learned while playing WoW.

I took the courtesy to summarize them all here but pay a tribute to mashable by visiting their website first.

The Lessons

  1. Success requires constant dedication – To succeed, you need to put in time and dedication.
  2. It’s important to strategize your communication – If you don’t communicate effectively and clearly who you are and what you want no one will listen.
  3. Set an objective and develop a strategy – Do not attempt to utilize social media without any specific objective or idea on how to be successful. You will fade away because you didn’t try to participate actively in the community or just didn’t know how.
  4. It’s about networking – The people you connect with are incredibly important. It can mean the difference between success and failure.
  5. Join new services, create new lines of communication – You should always be looking to create new lines of communication and new people to interact with. Rely on these people to educate and enlighten you. Expand your horizons by trying out new things in social media.
  6. Earn other people’s trust – People won’t trust you until you can show them that you are to be trusted. Enough charlatans exist that you have to prove your value first before earning respect.

All of this reminds me of something I wanted to do for long, long time. Let me explain. In my high school years me and my friends used to organize late evening StarCraft tournaments – nothing too obsessive, two games max per day and no more than 1-2 hours long. We used to do these tournaments for a couple of months and it was then when I noticed similarities between the strategies involved in the game and the things that we do in real life. I very rarely play strategy games these days but I’ve always wanted to summarize in a blog post or something my conclusions from my experience when I used to play.

I guess now I have an incentive to finally sit and do it.