Simple and Obvious

When we see something that is simple and obvious we automatically assume that we can reach the same idea because after all it is simple and obvious. However, simple and obvious concepts are hard to come up with.

Do not ignore the simple and the obvious. Some of the greatest things ever invented are quite simple and rather obvious but nevertheless great and irreplaceable.

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Micro Communities

I think that we are at the verge of another online change. We are going from hyper global communities, to ultra local and even micro communities.

Global communities are places such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all other social networks which sole purpose is to get as many users on board as possible. They are doing well but have become significantly less helpful in the last couple of years. In other words, people find them too intrusive, to globalized and subjective to abuse. [...]

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World of Warcraft and Social Media Success

Mashable is running an interesting article today titled 6 Things World of Warcraft Can Teach You About Social Media Success. It is about the life lessons the author of the article learned while playing WoW.

I took the courtesy to summarize them all here but pay a tribute to mashable by visiting their website first.

The Lessons

Success requires constant dedication – To succeed, you need to put in time and dedication. [...]

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Why Tribes, Not Money or Factories, Will Change the World

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

If you watch the video you will spot the Kindle sell-out but it is interesting presentation nevertheless. [...]

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The Reason to Focus on Simplicity

I wrote about the importance of simplicity before but here is another reason why you should believe me. :)

Keep this in mind the next time you design a service or a product. The simpler the better.

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Social Media in Plain English

Confused information security folks (but not only) can find this video quite interesting.

What I liked the most about this video is that the authors clearly explain that social media is first of all the collective contributions of ordinary people through blogs, wikies, podcasts and other social instruments combined with the efforts of other individuals and organizations who are willing to aggregate, organize and help facilitate community feedback.

By the people, for the people!

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Bill Gates Facebook Page

Funny Sunday morning stuff:

Steve Jobs and St. Peter are also there.

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Did You Know 3.0

In my opinion, some of the facts presented in this video are questionable. There isn’t an easy way to verify them. Nevertheless, the footage is quite interesting and informative.

The reason why I am posting this is to stress that information has become an important part of our lives. Today we are information hungry. Tomorrow… who knows? I suspect that we will get fed up with the world and escape for the simpler life. [...]

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The Revolution of the Internet in 1993

A video from 1993 when the Internet was just making its premiere in the world.

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Information Dissemination

Some people say that what happens on the Web STAYS on the Web. Although I agree that this is true for some of the content it is largely untrue for the majority of it.

The reason for this is relatively simple. Not everything is rated equally and not everything is disseminated in a way that it is preserved within the inner fabrics of the web ecosystem. [...]

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