The Paradox of Choice Why More Is Less

This post is mostly a ripoff from Wikipedia because who ever wrote about the topic did a pretty good job of summarizing the main ideas behind Barry Schwartz’s work.The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less is a 2004 book by Mr. Schwartz. In the book, Schwartz argues the controversial thesis that eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers. Kind of communism in a way but wait! [...]

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Beatboxing Flute and Cello

To hack does not necessarily means to break into something illegally. Hacking is mostly related to creativity, culture, and the way the extraordinary human mind works. The following video is a proof of a hack, which sounds.

If you haven’t yet experience a life performance, I highly recommend to do so. There are plenty of places around London you can hear some nice tunes, played by extraordinary gifted people.

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Creative Advertisements

Lat week I have been relatively busy with all sorts of projects and things to do. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to collect all kinds of interesting things which I hope I will have time to publish them all on Hakiri. The following post is most about creative advertising. I am quite bored of traditional adverts so all of the currently displayed ads come very fresh, indeed.

If you are an RSS reader and you cannot see the pictures above, click on the following link.

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WarGames is a 1983 suspense film written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes and directed by John Badham. The film starred Matthew Broderick in his second major film role, and featured Ally Sheedy, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, and Barry Corbin. The movie was a box office success, costing US$12 million but grossing over $74 million after five months in the United States. With a cost of $1 million, the NORAD set was the most expensive single movie set ever built up to that time. [...]

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Tim O’Reilly: Why I Love Hackers

Interesting speech from Tim O’Reilly on this year’s ETech event. Why does he love hackers? Check it out!

Although I agree with what he is saying, I need to add a few more things. First and foremost, hacking is a state of mind. It is not something that you can learn but it is definitely something that you can cultivate until you start understanding it. Second, hacking is not all about solving complicated problems. I don’t agree. [...]

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Poison! This is exactly what The Prodigy are for many old-school boys like myself. It is needless to say that their music has developed an entire generation of open-minded individuals. Don’t make em like this anymore!

As far as I remember the concert on the right was the one that took place on the Red Square in Moscow.

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We live in a monoculture. What does that mean? Well, go out to your street corner. You’ll probably see a Long Pig stand, SPKF on a screen somewhere, an Angry Boy Dylan’s Gun Store. You’ll go into a record store and see new recordings by the usual suspects, maybe a special Space Culture display rack.

Go out onto a streetcorner in London and you’ll see the same thing. Same in Prague. Same in Sao Paulo. [...]

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The Mentor’s Last Words

I bet that you remember the the Mentor’s last words: You may stop me, but you can’t stop us all. Bullshit or not, this is the essence of the hacker community.

His words will forever be remembered and immortalized through the movie Hackers, a cultural tripping point for me and many others.

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24th Chaos Communication Congress

The 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24C3) is the annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It takes place at the bcc Berliner Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics and attracts a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopians from all around the world. The 24C3s slogan is “Volldampf voraus!” the German equivalent of full steam ahead a particular request for talks and projects featuring forward looking hands-on topics.

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The Exploit Development Process

Alexander Sotirov, a.k.a Solar Eclipse, is a well known security researcher who specializes in buffer overflow exploit development and binary reverse engineering. In the following video, Solar gives a couple of simple advices which may come as a breakthrough for the readers who are new to the fields of binary software hacking.

To summarize his word, buffer overflow exploitation starts and finishes with a crash. [...]

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