Did You Know 3.0

In my opinion, some of the facts presented in this video are questionable. There isn’t an easy way to verify them. Nevertheless, the footage is quite interesting and informative.

The reason why I am posting this is to stress that information has become an important part of our lives. Today we are information hungry. Tomorrow… who knows? I suspect that we will get fed up with the world and escape for the simpler life. [...]

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Information Dissemination

Some people say that what happens on the Web STAYS on the Web. Although I agree that this is true for some of the content it is largely untrue for the majority of it.

The reason for this is relatively simple. Not everything is rated equally and not everything is disseminated in a way that it is preserved within the inner fabrics of the web ecosystem. [...]

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Information Overload

This is a quick post regarding information overload. I believe that there are many people out there suffering from excess dose of information, or at least this is what they thing is the problem of their sleep deprivation, continues stress and general unhappiness.

The truth is that there is no such thing as Information Overload. In fact, we love information and we can consume as much of it as we want. We cannot get overloaded unless we consume the same type of information, i.e. [...]

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Mass Destruction

The first time when I heard Mass Destruction from Faithless, I thought that it was pretty cool given that I was deeply involved into their music at the time. It was much later when I realized, or found, a meaning of my own inside the lyrics, which inspired me to write this little article titled Information as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, which has similar idea when compared to the one from song. Or at least I think that this is the case. [...]

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