Again and Again

Everything that causes WOW-kind of exclamation should be considered a hack. Here is that kind of a thing:

The video is just brilliant.

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Fatboy Slim Bushes

No More Stars, Bushes, Markus Nikolai (Norman Cook Remix), Director: Mark Kirkby, United Kingdom.

If you are looking for creative and weired things, come to UK – one of the best scenes in the world.

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Beatboxing Flute and Cello

To hack does not necessarily means to break into something illegally. Hacking is mostly related to creativity, culture, and the way the extraordinary human mind works. The following video is a proof of a hack, which sounds.

If you haven’t yet experience a life performance, I highly recommend to do so. There are plenty of places around London you can hear some nice tunes, played by extraordinary gifted people.

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Poison! This is exactly what The Prodigy are for many old-school boys like myself. It is needless to say that their music has developed an entire generation of open-minded individuals. Don’t make em like this anymore!

As far as I remember the concert on the right was the one that took place on the Red Square in Moscow.

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If you are a regular reader of the GNUCITIZEN cutting-edge, ethical hacker outfit blog, then you are probably used to long and quite technical posts. None of it is on Hakiri. Here, we are all about culture, ideas, music, video and everything else that relates to the hackers’ way of life. No words can communicate an entire generation. But a video like the one bellow probably could:

turn on the beat…

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Remonte tes chaussettes

It is awesome to get some culture going on in here. R’gis B. has let us know about a French group called La Cause.

I have to tell you that I haven’t seen that much of destruction in a while but I guess it is a good way to relieve the stress and get something creative and positive out of it. Remonte tes chaussettes – you’ve got to love it.

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Mass Destruction

The first time when I heard Mass Destruction from Faithless, I thought that it was pretty cool given that I was deeply involved into their music at the time. It was much later when I realized, or found, a meaning of my own inside the lyrics, which inspired me to write this little article titled Information as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, which has similar idea when compared to the one from song. Or at least I think that this is the case. [...]

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Kaki King Playing With Pink Noise

Kaki King (or Katherine King) is one of the most prolific American guitarists and music educators. Her music really stunned me the first time when I saw her playing. Technically, she is fret-tapping/slap bass guitarist. This style of music is quite complex by nature and it is definitely not for everyone. Though, I really like the richness of the sound.

In the case of King, it is a way of life and definitely a way to send messages (across the wire). [...]

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Beats Of Boredom

What hackers do when they have too much time on their hands? Beats Of Boredom!

One of the inner most basic hacker characteristic is the ability to take unrelated things and convert them into a perfectly balanced mix.

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And people tried to put us down, when iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound. My generation sat the at mecca of malls, Times Square, I’m there, Viacom installs. So we hit the net while the Trade Center fell, newyork man hollywood we ran like hell No Vietnam for us, yo, Iraq it’s on. So who agreed upon this cowboy Genghis Khan? The choice made, baby. Hey we take it back, logged in dropped out, MTV took track. They sold it back to us and claimed no correlation. The iMac, iPod, iGeneration. And I’m waiting for the day we can get out. The world is ours, that’s the story no doubt. Want to be more than info super highway traffic, want to be more than a walking demographic!

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