David Carson on Design, Discovery and Humor

The following is a great TED talk from David Carson. David is a typographer running a successful magazine which explores the possibilities of text on a page. In his talk, David makes some useful points about design but also provides some other intriguing insights worth taking note of.

I like what he said about what will be next, just near the end of the presentation. Quoting:

and a bit further he says:

…and with that completes another great TED talk.

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A Secret of Making Money Online

I am a big fan and fully support the rather controversial (are they?) ideas the 37signals folks always bring on the table.

The following video is quite entertaining. Watch David Heinemeier giving a talk on how to make money online with 3 simple steps:

Create Something

Sounds simple? Well, this is how people have been doing it for ages.

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