Don’t Vote!

I like when people come up with crazy shit like this one.

My answer is simple: people don’t vote because they have other things to worry about and voting is the least thing on their heads. Although, I support the idea that everyone should vote, I do not think that ads like this one have any effect whatsoever. I like them, but no effect. You should start by telling people how voting will pay their bills and fix their problems. [...]

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code_swarm – created by Michael Ogawa with Processing.

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When technology takes over our lives

Technology can enhance our lives, as long as it doesn’t take over control. A scary thought.

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Mirror’s Edge

I am not an active gamer. In fact, the only two games I have been really into are StarCraft and WarCraft. Nevertheless, Mirror’s Edge really garbed my attention.

What I’ve found really interesting is the way the game designers solved various problems around concerns that players can get simulation/motion sickness. If you don’t know what simulation/motion sickness is, here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article:

Pretty bad! [...]

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I’ll be gone

This song has been stuck in my mind for a while. Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu – I’ll be gone.

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DNA Compiler

Another interesting TED talk. Paul Rothemund discusses how genetic engineers can fold proteins by writing the sequence of the DNA and compiling it with a DNA compiler. The result? Well, you can come up with whatever you want – from simple figures to actual living organisms.

This topic was introduced to me by Ramsesoriginal on a discussion within the House of Hackers network. [...]

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You’ve got to love TED. In this video Joshua Klein discuss his findings around the interesting intelligence crows exhibit. There are a lot of stories about crows and how intelligent they really are but it is my first time I learn more about this subject in an very interesting and entertaining way.

One of the ideas that I like the most is connected to what Joshua mentions at the end of his talk. [...]

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Again and Again

Everything that causes WOW-kind of exclamation should be considered a hack. Here is that kind of a thing:

The video is just brilliant.

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There is a lot of conspiracy about GNUCITIZEN. Who are they? Where they come from? And what they are trying to do? Well, these videos shall give you all the answers.

The full-size videos can be found at GNUCITIZEN’s YouTube channel: here and here (courtesy of Medifront).

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Fatboy Slim Bushes

No More Stars, Bushes, Markus Nikolai (Norman Cook Remix), Director: Mark Kirkby, United Kingdom.

If you are looking for creative and weired things, come to UK – one of the best scenes in the world.

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