Augmented-reality Maps

Well, augmented-reality is pretty much one of the hot topics these days. Here is a video of Blaise Aguera y Arcas demoing the new feature that come in MS Bing Maps.

Although some of the feature look like a full copy of google maps, it nice to see that MS made the effort to go further to do more.

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Tim Berners-Lee Linked Data

The following is a video of Tim Berners-Lee, and his talk on Ted titled The next Web of open, linked data.

What Tim refers to is what we know today as the Semantic Web. I’ve done extensive research on this topic in my university years. As a matter of fact, back than, my motivation was to create a semantic search engine/portal to enable the open source community. The project was called GNUCITIZEN and today it is nothing like what it was originally intended to be. [...]

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